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Gen Con Australia

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I’m excited to announce that as part of my official Travel Too Much YearTM, I’ll be joining the likes of Tracy Hickman and Peter Adkison in performing Guest Of Honor duties at the inaugural Gen Con Oz, July 3 — 6, in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve never been south of the equator before, much less to a land ruled by charming but ruthless marsupials, and am very much looking forward to my trip. I promise my grandmother, and anyone else concerned, that I will periodically get up to walk around during the long flight, so that I don’t suffer a catastrophic blood clot.

If any of the approximately 6.12% of readers of this blog who are Australian are contemplating coming to the show, I’d love to meet you in the flesh. Show organizers have scheduled seminars aplenty and maybe even a signing or two.

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