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Egoyan’s Rules

The current issue of Moviemaker provides bullet-pointed advice from various filmmakers. The golden rules supplied by director Atom Egoyan are especially good. The later items on the list apply specifically to film, but the first three apply with equal wisdom to any field of creative endeavor:

1. Never waste your time comparing yourself to anyone else. There are hundreds of other people who will provide this service free of charge.

2. Don’t get depressed about not being where you want to be. This nagging feeling of anxiety is actually called ambition. Ambition is your friend.

3. Nothing will ever turn out the way you want it to. It may be better. It may be worse. It will never be exactly what you imagined.
Much of the challenge in maintaining a creative career lies in avoiding all of the myriad ways of driving yourself crazy. To the extent that any affirmations can aid in this, these ones are pretty darn good.

The same issue also includes a good intro to the new wave of Asian horror.
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