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Sharks Patrol These Waters

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Some weeks you burst upon with both guns blazing. Others, however, you’ve got to ease into. With that in mind, it’s therefore time for another installment of What Kind Of Fish, in which game industry personages and Livejournalers tell us what kind of fish they would be, if they could be a fish. First up, Ken (princeofcairo) Hite:

I believe at this point Ken will pop by to interject a cavil. After recording this message he was disturbed to discover that some participants were asked what kind of fish they’d want to be, while he was required to tell us what kind of fish he would be. Perhaps he will now reveal not his existential fish, but his aspirational fish.


Now, Gareth (gmskarka) Skarka:

And finally, the indefatigable Steve Long, of Hero Games:

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