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Hard Helix

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My latest book has just been released. Hard Helix is the first supplement for Mutant City Blues, the super-powered police procedural game. The book is an anthology of four scenarios further illuminating the genetically altered near future of the MCB setting.

* The Hard Helix: A controversial researcher into mutant powers Sidney Dorris is found murdered the evening before his scheduled announcement of a stunning scientific breakthrough. What was his secret, and who was willing to kill him for it?

* The Vanishers: The squad’s intervention in a jewelry store robbery leads them into an operation against the new school, mutant-bolstered forces of organized crime.

* Super Squad: A sudden death at a mutant-related riot leads the unit into the twisted world of the Super Squad, an elite policing group who work the city’s toughest streets—and have, in the process, gotten more than a little dirty.

* Cell Division: The detectives confront a homegrown terrorist threat from a previously unknown group of mutant supremacists. Can they uncover the truth behind the Mutant Revolutionary Front — one that remains shrouded even from its own suicidally indoctrinated followers?

This gilled and fanged shot of fresh GUMSHOE goodness will soon be found in at your DLGS (the D stands for discerning) and from IPR and RPG.NOW. Or place your order immediately, in physical or virtual form, from the Pelgrane Press webshop.

It’s always exciting to see another new project bow just in time for Gen Con. The response to this book will help determine support levels for Mutant City Blues, so if hope to see more, be sure to vote with your wallet.
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