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Gen Con Day 0: Dominion Wins DJA Award

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Tonight the 2009 Diana Jones Award went to Dominion, the deck-building card game by Donald Vaccarino. It was a stellar year for nominees, any one of which I would have been happy to see take the Perspex trophy. Dominion is the first card game to win the DJA, which seems like a long time coming when you put it that way. Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games was on hand to accept the award. As always the party served as ritual con-starter for the industry set.

I was planning to write in excruciating detail of the various petty annoyances I faced en route to Indy, starting with the early morning jackhammers outside our apartment bright and early this morning. But the epic suffering turned out to nothing that a double espresso couldn't fix. I did, however:

@ start the Gen Con experience early, by gapping on a name while waiting for a connecting flight at O'Hare. I assigned Philippe-Antoine Menard, a.k.a. Chatty DM, another random French name starting with P. Whoops! On reflection, it seems to me that this ought to form a more general policy. If I get the first letter of your first name right, I'm going to chalk that up as successfully recognizing you. In that spirit, it was good to attend the DJA party and touch base with such friends and colleagues as Murphy Forbeck, Karl Hite and Hulk Mangold.

@ experience a moment of panic when I got off the plane from Chicago to step into a completely unfamiliar modern airport, quite unlike the somewhat dinky one I'm used to. For a moment I thought I'd gotten on the wrong plane and ended up somewhere completely different.

Then I had a double espresso.

Actual show starts tomorrow.

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