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Gen Con Day 0

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Boardgamegeek won the Diana Jones Award. Over its nine years of existence, the award has been given to many games and game designers, a business model, and a charitable effort. I’ve been hoping for a while now that the mysterious cabal behind the DJAs would recognize an act of community-building, and now it has. Entities like Boardgamegeek provide the infrastructure the hobby runs on, and are as vital to its growth and survival as the latest design innovation, if not more so.

This year Indianapolis has gone above and beyond its usual hot Midwestern weather into brain-melting territory. It won’t get quite as bad as yesterday for the rest of the show but isn’t planning to cool down much, either. As a result the vast array of air-conditioners we all depend on will be working overtime. Expect a rash of dry throats. By the end of the day we’ll all be sounding like Elaine Stritch.

Now it’s off to the show floor. See you at the Hamlet’s Hit Points signing at the IPR booth at 1, or through most of the rest of the day at the Pelgrane booth.

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