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Gen Con Wrap

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Sunday shot by like a rocket.

Hamlet’s Hit Points sold out, at both IPR and Adventure Retail. In fact you could argue that it sold out plus, as additional copies were pulled from elsewhere to feed the second signing.

Skulduggery came within a few copies of selling out.

You sure couldn’t tell that the US economy is stuck in the throes of a particularly nasty job downturn by looking at the activity level at the Gen Con exhibit hall. Pelgrane had a record year by a huge margin. Others did similarly well.

Every year seems to get crazier. I certainly have less time to trawl the hall for the new cool thing, or to engage in friendly chat with colleagues during exhibit hall hours. Those who want to get their new cool thing into my hands must now go out of their way to make sure that happens.

Yep, gaming must be dying all right. Same as it’s ever been.

I'd like to thank the Evil Hat crew for presenting me with the Dresden Files RPG. Why, I remember when Evil Hat was but a single digest-sized indie RPG with a killer concept, delivered on bended knee by a fresh-faced, green-haired young whippersnapper (gashing open his bended knee in the process.) Now, thanks to the ambition and wherewithal of Fred Hicks and the stalwart legion he has gathered around him, it is the mammoth two-volume gorgeousness that will surely put my suitcase over American Airlines' weight limit. Huge kudos, one and all. I credit the aforementioned blood ritual.

Gen Con, as always, presents a chance to bask in a collective love of gaming. You can lose track of that when our engagement with one another is filtered through the inherent negativity bias of Internet discourse. Gen Con always leaves me grateful for the fellowship of colleagues, friends, and gaming acquaintances. And most of all, the game fans and geek culturati who make my work and career possible. Thanks to all the readers of this blog who popped by to say hi. I’ll use this four-day hit of positive energy to propel me through many tough days of writing and designing until next year rolls around. Gen Con is creative fuel to get stored for the winter.

Till next time. Here's hoping we all make our tight connections...

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